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This Compaq PRESARIO X1000 Battery can replace the following part numbers:
336962-001 337607-001 337607-002 337607-003
DG103A DL615A

This Compaq PRESARIO X1000 replacement battery is compatible with the following models:
Presario X1000-DE185AV Presario X1000-DE186AV Presario X1000-DE707AV
Presario X1000-DK454AV Presario X1001US Presario X1001US-DK575A
Presario X1001US-DK575AR Presario X1002US Presario X1002US-DM771A
Presario X1002US-DM771AR Presario X1005EA Presario X1005EA-DL681A
Presario X1005LA Presario X1005LA-DL858A Presario X1006EA
Presario X1006EA-DM933A Presario X1007EA Presario X1007EA-DL964A
Presario X1010AL-DR830A Presario X1010CA Presario X1010CA-DL857A
Presario X1010CA-DL857AR Presario X1010EA Presario X1010EA-DL963A
Presario X1010US-DK571A Presario X1010US-DK571AR Presario X1011AL-DR831A
Presario X1012AL-DR832A Presario X1012EA Presario X1012EA-DL965A
Presario X1012QV Presario X1012QV-DN585A Presario X1012QV-DN585AR
Presario X1015US Presario X1015US-DN624A Presario X1015US-DN624AR
Presario X1016EA Presario X1016EA-DM415A Presario X1018CL
Presario X1018CL-DK574A Presario X1018CL-DK574AR Presario X1020EA
Presario X1020EA-DM416A Presario X1020US Presario X1020US-DK572A
Presario X1020US-DK572AR Presario X1021AP-DN582A Presario X1022AP
Presario X1022AP-DN583A Presario X1023AP Presario X1023AP-DN584A
Presario X1026AP-DN587A Presario X1027AP-DN588A Presario X1028AP-DN589A
Presario X1028CL Presario X1028CL-DL898A Presario X1028CL-DL898AR
Presario X1029AP-DN600A Presario X1030AP-DN591A Presario X1030US
Presario X1030US-DM773A Presario X1030US-DM773AR Presario X1031AP-DN592A
Presario X1032AP Presario X1032AP-DN593A Presario X1033AP
Presario X1033AP-DN594A Presario X1034AP Presario X1034AP-DN595A
Presario X1035AP Presario X1035AP-DN596A Presario X1036AP
Presario X1036AP-DN597A Presario X1037AP Presario X1037AP-DN598A
Presario X1038AP-DN599A Presario X1039AP Presario X1040AP
Presario X1040AP-DN601A Presario X1040US Presario X1040US-DM774A
Presario X1040US-DM774AR Presario X1041AP Presario X1041AP-DN602A
Presario X1042AP-DN603A Presario X1043AP-DN604A Presario X1044AP
Presario X1044AP-DN605A Presario X1045AP-DN606A Presario X1046AP-DN607A
Presario X1047AP Presario X1047AP-DN608A Presario X1048AP-DN609A
Presario X1049AP-DN610A Presario X1050AP-DN611A Presario X1050CA
Presario X1050CA-DP485U Presario X1050CA-DP485UR Presario X1050US
Presario X1050US-DM777A Presario X1050US-DM777AR Presario X1051AP
Presario X1051AP-DN612A Presario X1052AP Presario X1052AP-DN613A
Presario X1053AP Presario X1053AP-DN614A Presario X1054AP
Presario X1054AP-DN615A Presario X1055AP Presario X1055AP-DN616A
Presario X1056AP-DN617A Presario X1057AP-DN618A Presario X1058AP
Presario X1058AP-DN619A Presario X1058CL Presario X1058CL-DP487U
Presario X1058CL-DP487UR Presario X1060AP-DN620A Presario X1061AP-DN621A
Presario X1062AP Presario X1062AP-DN622A Presario X1063AP
Presario X1063AP-DN623A Presario X1064AP-DN625A Presario X1065AP-DN626A
Presario X1066AP-DN627A Presario X1067AP-DQ973A Presario X1068AP-DQ974A
Presario X1069AP-DQ975A Presario X1070AP-DQ976A Presario X1071AP-DQ977A
Presario X1072AP-DR268A Presario X1073AP-DR269A Presario X1074AP-DR270A
Presario X1075AP-DR271A Presario X1076AP-DR272A Presario X1077AP-DR273A
Presario X1078AP Presario X1078AP-DR274A Presario X1079AP
Presario X1079AP-DR275A Presario X1080AP Presario X1080AP-DR276A
Presario X1081AP-DR277A Presario X1082AP-DR278A Presario X1083AP-DR279A
Presario X1084AP-DR280A Presario X1085AP-DR281A Presario X1086AP-DR282A
Presario X1087AP Presario X1087AP-DR283A Presario X1088AP-DR284A
Presario X1089AP-DR285A Presario X1090AP-DR286A Presario X1091AP-DR287A
Presario X1092AP-DR822A Presario X1093AP-DR823A Presario X1094AP-DR824A
Presario X1095AP-DR825A Presario X1096AP-DR826A Presario X1097AP
Presario X1097AP-DR827A Presario X1098AP-DR828A Presario X1099AP-DR829A

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Color: black
Dimensions: 128.50x103.30x20.00mm
Weight: 414.00g

  • Model: Compaq PRESARIO X1000 Battery

Battery Compaq Presario x1000 Series Warranty:

* 100% Q.C. of Battery Compaq Presario x1000 Series.
* Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
* Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
* Full 1 Year Warranty.
* 30 Days Money Back.
* Shipping Worldwide.

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