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This HP F1739A Battery can replace the following part numbers:
F1739A F1739B F1753-60978

This HP F1739A replacement battery is compatible with the following models:
HP: F1664w F1664wr F1664wt
F1665w F1665wr F1665wt
F1666n F1666nt F1666w
F1666wr F1666wt F1667n
F1667nt F1667w F1667wr
F1667wt F1668w F1669w
F1670w F1675w F1675wt
F1676nt F1676wt F1677w
F1677wt F1719w F1719wr
F1719wt F1720w F1720wr
F1720wt F1721w F1721wr
F1721wt F1722w F1722wr
F1722wt F1723w F1723wr
F1723wt F1724w F1724wr
F1724wt F1725n F1725nt
F1725w F1725wr F1726w
F1726wr F1726wt F1749w
F1749wr F1750w F1750wr
F1753w F1753wr F1753wt
F1754w F1754wr F1754wt
F1755w F1755wr F1755wt
F1756n F1756nt F1756w
F1756wr F1756wt F1757w
F1757wr F1758w F1758wr
F1763a F1764a F1766nt
F1779d F2004wt F2027wt
F2028wt F2030wt F2033wt
F2034w F2038wg F2039wg
F2040wt F2041wt F2042w
F2046w F2047w F2051w
F2051wg F2051wr F2051wt
F2052k F2052kg F2052kr
F2052kt F2052w F2052wr
F2052wt F2053k F2053kg
F2053kt F2053w F2053wg
F2053wr F2053wt F2054k
F2054kg F2054kr F2054kt
Omnibook Xe2-da OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723WR
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723WT OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724WR
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724WT OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725N OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725NT
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725WR OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725WT
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726WR OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726WT
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1749W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1749WR OmniBook XE2-DB-F1750W
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1750WR OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753WR
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753WT OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754WR
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754WT OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755WR
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755WT OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756N OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756NT
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756WR OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756WT
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1757W OmniBook XE2-DB-F1757WR OmniBook XE2-DB-F1758W
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1758WR OmniBook XE2-DB-F1763A OmniBook XE2-DB-F1764A
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1766NT OmniBook XE2-DB-F1779D OmniBook XE2-DB-F1789WT
OmniBook XE2-DB Series OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664W OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664WR
OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665W OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665WR
OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666N OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666NT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666W OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666WR OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666WT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667N OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667NT OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667WR OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F1668W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F1669W OmniBook XE2-DC-F1670W OmniBook XE2-DC-F1675W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F1675WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F1676NT OmniBook XE2-DC-F1676WT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677W OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677WR OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677WT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2004WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2027WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2028WT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2030WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2033W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2034W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2038WG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2039WG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2040WT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2041WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2042W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2046W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2047W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WG
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WR OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052K
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052KG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052KT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WR OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053K OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KR
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WG
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WR OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054K
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KR OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WR
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055K OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KG
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KR OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WR OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2056W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2057W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2058W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2059W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2060W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2061K
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2063WG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2063WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065K
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065KG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065KT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065WG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066K
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066KG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066KT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066WG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2067W
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069K OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KG OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KR
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WG
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WR OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070K
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070KT OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070W OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070WT
OmniBook XE2-DC-F2190K OmniBook XE2-DC-F2190W OmniBook XE2-DC Series
OmniBook XE2-DD-F1671N OmniBook XE2-DD-F1672W OmniBook XE2-DD-F1673W
OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772W OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772WR OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772WT
OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774N OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774NT OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774W
OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774WR OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774WT OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775N
OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775NT OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775W OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775WR
OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775WT OmniBook XE2-DD-F1776W OmniBook XE2-DD-F1777W
OmniBook XE2-DD-F1961WT OmniBook XE2-DD-F1962W OmniBook XE2-DD-F1962WT
OmniBook XE2-DD-F1971WT OmniBook XE2-DD-F1972WT OmniBook XE2-DD-F1984W
OmniBook XE2-DD Series OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674W OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674WR
OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674WT OmniBook XE2-DE Series OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062W
OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062WR OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062WT OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068W
OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068WR OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068WT OmniBook XE2-DI-F2191W
OmniBook XE2-DI-F2192W OmniBook XE2-DI Series OmniBook XE2 Series
OmniBook XE-DA-F1719W OmniBook XE-DA-F1719WR OmniBook XE-DA-F1719WT
OmniBook XE-DA-F1720W OmniBook XE-DA-F1720WR OmniBook XE-DA-F1720WT
OmniBook XE-DA-F1721W OmniBook XE-DA-F1721WR OmniBook XE-DA-F1721WT
OmniBook XE-DA-F1722W OmniBook XE-DA-F1722WR OmniBook XE-DA-F1722WT
OmniBook XE-DA Series OmniBook XE Series Pavilion N3000 -F1920A
Pavilion N3000 Series Pavilion N3100 Series Pavilion N3110
Pavilion N3110-F1911A Pavilion N3150 Pavilion N3150-F1912A
Pavilion N3190 Pavilion N3190-F1913A Pavilion N3200 Series
Pavilion N3210 Pavilion N3210-F1914A Pavilion N3215
Pavilion N3215-F1919A Pavilion N3250 Pavilion N3250-F1916A
Pavilion N3250-F1916AR Pavilion N3270 Pavilion N3270-F1917A
Pavilion N3290 Pavilion N3290-F1918A Pavilion N3295
Pavilion N3295-F1925A Pavilion N3295-F1925AR Pavilion N3300 Series
Pavilion N3310 Pavilion N3310-F1926A Pavilion N3330
Pavilion N3330-F1927A Pavilion N3350 Pavilion N3350-F1928A
Pavilion N3350-F1928AR Pavilion N3370 Pavilion N3370-F1929A
Pavilion N3370-F1929AR Pavilion N3380 Pavilion N3380-F1930A
Pavilion N3390 Pavilion N3390-F1931A Pavilion N3400 Series
Pavilion N3402-F1952A Pavilion N3410 Pavilion N3410-F1921A
Pavilion N3410-F1921AR Pavilion N3438 Pavilion N3438-F1943A
Pavilion N3438-F1943AR Pavilion N3478 Pavilion N3478-F1944A
Pavilion N3478-F1944AR Pavilion N3490 Pavilion N3490-F1945A

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 4000mAh
Color: dark grey
Dimensions: 274.80x57.30x20.80mm
Weight: 542.00g

  • Model: HP F1739A Battery

Battery HP F1739B Warranty:

* 100% Q.C. of Battery HP F1739B.
* Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
* Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
* Full 1 Year Warranty.
* 30 Days Money Back.
* Shipping Worldwide.

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