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Brand NEW 2100mAh 6.0V JVC BN-V22U Battery Replacement for JVC GR-1U / GR-323U / GR-AS-X760U / GR-EZ1U / GR-S27 / XM-D1BK / GR-AW, GR-AX, GR-AXM, GR-SXM, GR-DV, GR-EX, GR-FX, GR-HF, GR-LT, GR-M, GR-SV, GR-SX, GR-SXM, GR-SZ Series Camcorder

Battery Type :  Ni-MH
Voltage :  6.00V
Capacity :  2100mAh
Color :  Black
Dimension :  89.35 x 46.20 x 18.90 mm
Product Type :  Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Warranty :  One year warranty 

Replacement Code:
BN-V11U, BN-V12, BN-V12U, BN-V14U, BN-V15, BN-V18U, BN-V20, BN-V20U, BN-V20US, BN-V22, BN-V22U, BN-V24U, BN-V25, BN-V25U, BN-V65,AKKUVZ8240, HHR-V20A/1B, HHR-V214A/K, PV-BP15, PV-BP17, VW-VBH1E, VW-VBR1E, VW-VBS1, VW-VBS1E, VW-VBS2, VW-VBS2E,

Fit Model:

    JVC GR-1U,
    JVC GR-323U,
    JVC GR-AS-X760U,
    JVC GR-AW1,
    JVC GR-AW1U,
    JVC GR-EZ1U,
    JVC GR-S27,

    JVC GR-AX Series
        GR-AX2, GR-AX2U, GR-AX2EG, GR-AX2EK, GR-AX5,
        GR-AX7EG, GR-AX7U, GR-AX9U, GR-AX10, GR-AX10U,
        GR-AX10EG, GR-AX10EK, GR-AX11, GR-AX15, GR-AX15S,  
        GR-AX16, GR-AX17, GR-AX17S, GR-AX17U, GR-AX20,  
        GR-AX20S, GR-AX21, GR-AX24, GR-AX25, GR-AX25U, 
        GR-AX26, GR-AX26U, GR-AX37, GR-AX37U, GR-AX30,
        GR-AX30U, GR-AX31, GR-AX33, GR-AX33U, GR-AX33EG,
        GR-AX34U, GR-AX35, GR-AX35EK, GR-AX35U, GR-AX37,  
        GR-AX37U, GR-AX40, GR-AX42S, GR-AX44S, GR-AX46U,  
        GR-AX47, GR-AX47U, GR-AX48, GR-AX50, GR-AX50EG,  
        GR-AX50U, GR-AX54S, GR-AX55, GR-AX55EG, GR-AX55EK,  
        GR-AX55S, GR-AX55U, GR-AX60, GR-AX62S, GR-AX63E,  
        GR-AX64S, GR-AX65, GR-AX70, GR-AX74, GR-AX74U,  
        GR-AX75, GR-AX75U, GR-AX76U, GR-AX77, GR-AX77U,  
        GR-AX80, GR-AX82, GR-AX82S, GR-AX84, GR-AX84U,  
        GR-AX92S, GR-AX94, GR-AX94U, GR-AX95, GR-AX96U
        GR-AX90, GR-AX90U, GR-AX97, GR-AX97U, GR-AX100,  
        GR-AX110, GR-AX150, GR-AX155, GR-AX200, GR-AX200U, 
        GR-AX201, GR-AX201U, GR-AX202U, GR-AX210, GR-AX210U, 
        GR-AX217, GR-AX220U, GR-AX227, GR-AX230, GR-AX230U,
        GR-AX237, GR-AX247, GR-AX250, GR-AX255, GR-AX270,
        GR-AX280, GR-AX300, GR-AX300U, GR-AX301, GR-AX310, 
        GR-AX310U, GR-AX317, GR-AX323U, GR-AX344U, GR-AX350, 
        GR-AX350U, GR-AX358, GR-AX380, GR-AX400, GR-AX400U,
        GR-AX401, GR-AX401U, GR-AX404, GR-AX404U, GR-AX410, 
        GR-AX410U, GR-AX417, GR-AX420U, GR-AX430, GR-AX430U, 
        GR-AX437, GR-AX458, GR-AX480, GR-AX500, GR-AX500U, 
        GR-AX501, GR-AX510U, GR-AX527, GR-AX528, GR-AX550,  
        GR-AX558, GR-AX606, GR-AX606U, GR-AX610U, GR-AX627,
        GR-AX627E, GR-AX640, GR-AX640U, GR-AX650, GR-AX650U, 
        GR-AX655U, GR-AX657, GR-AX680, GR-AX700U, GR-AX704,  
        GR-AX70U, GR-AX710U, GR-AX717, GR-AX720, GR-AX720U,
        GR-AX727, GR-AX730, GR-AX730U, GR-AX750U, GR-AX754, 
        GR-AX754U, GR-AX760, GR-AX760E, GR-AX760U, GR-AX760UC, 
        GR-AX761U, GR-AX767, GR-AX777, GR-AX780, GR-AX800,
        GR-AX800U, GR-AX808, GR-AX808U, GR-AX810U, GR-AX817,
        GR-AX820, GR-AX820U, GR-AX820US, GR-AX827, GR-AX830, 
        GR-AX830U, GR-AX837, GR-AX840,
GR-AX840U, GR-AX841,
GR-AX841U, GR-AX844U, GR-AX847, GR-AX850, GR-AX857,  
        GR-AX880, GR-AX880US, GR-AX890, GR-AX890U, GR-AX890US,   
        GR-AX900U, GR-AX910, GR-AX910U, GR-AX911U, GR-AX920, 
        GR-AX920U, GR-AX930, GR-AX930U, GR-AX937, GR-AX940,
        GR-AX947, GR-AX947,
GR-AX940U, GR-AX947, GR-AX957,
GR-AX970U, GR-AX999, GR-AX1010, GR-AX1010U,
        GR-AX1027, GR-AX1027P

    JVC GR-AXM Series
        GR-AXM1U, GR-AXM2U, GR-AXM4, GR-AXM4U, GR-AXM10U,  
        GR-AXM11, GR-AXM17US, GR-AXM18, GR-AXM20U, GR-AXM22,
        GR-AXM33, GR-AXM38, GR-AXM40U, GR-AXM43, GR-AXM50U, 
        GR-AXM53, GR-AXM66, GR-AXM70U, GR-AXM77, GR-AXM80U,
        GR-AXM88, GR-AXM88UM, GR-AXM99, GR-AXM100, GR-AXM100U,  
        GR-AXM151US, GR-AXM205, GR-AXM210,
GR-AXM210U, GR-AXM217,  
        GR-AXM220, GR-AXM220U, GR-AXM225,
GR-AXM225U, GR-AXM230,  
        GR-AXM230U, GR-AXM231U, GR-AXM237, GR-AXM241U, GR-AXM250U,   
        GR-AXM270, GR-AXM270U, GR-AXM300, GR-AXM300U, GR-AXM310, 
        GR-AXM310U, GR-AXM317, GR-AXM341U, GR-AXM368, GR-AXM405,  
        GR-AXM500, GR-AXM510,
GR-AXM510U, GR-AXM511, GR-AXM511U,    
        GR-AXM568, GR-AXM650, GR-AXM650U, GR-AXM670, GR-AXM670U,  
        GR-AXM700, GR-AXM700U, GR-AXM710, GR-AXM710U, GR-AXM717,   
        GR-AXM740U, GR-AXM745U, GR-AXM750, GR-AXM750U, GR-AXM750US,  
        GR-AXM755US, GR-AXM768, GR-AXM800,
GR-AXM800U, GR-AXM870,
GR-AXM900U, GR-AXM910, GR-AXM910U, GR-AXM917,

    JVC GR-DV Series
        GR-DV10, GR-DVA1, GR-DVA1U, GR-DVF1,  GR-DVF10, GR-DVF10U, 
        GR-DVF20, GR-DVF20U, GR-DVF25, GR-DVF3, GR-DVF7, GR-DVM20,
    JVC GR-EX Series
        GR-EX1, GR-EX7

    JVC GR-FX Series
        GR-FX10, GR-FX11, GR-FX12, GR-FX14, GR-FX16, 
        GR-FX17, GR-FX17E, GR-FX18E, GR-FX23, GR-FX30, 
        GR-FX33, GR-FX40, GR-FX43, GR-FX50, GR-FX53,
        GR-FX60, GR-FX101, GR-FX305,  GR-FX401, GR-FX405,
        GR-FX505, GR-FX601

    JVC GR-FXM Series
        GR-FXM15, GR-FXM16, GR-FXM25, GR-FXM35, GR-FXM37,  
        GR-FXM42E, GR-FXM45, GR-FXM55,
        GR-FXM105, GR-FXM161, GR-FXM333, GR-FXM373, GR-FXM383,
GR-FXM404, GR-FXM405, GR-FXM555, GR-FXM605

     JVC GR-HF Series
        GR-HF705U, GR-HF805U

    JVC GR-LT Series
        GR-LT5, GR-LT7, GR-LT10, GR-LT90, GR-LT91

    JVC GR-M Series
        GR-M3, GR-M51, GR-M7U, GR-MV1

    JVC GR-SV Series
        GR-SV1U, GR-SV3, GR-SV7, GR-SV33, GR-SV3U, GR-SV7U

    JVC GR-SX Series
        GR-SX19, GR-SX20, GR-SX21, GR-SX21EA, GR-SX22,   
        GR-SX24, GR-SX26, GR-SX26E, GR-SX41, GR-SX51,   
        GR-SX52, GR-SX90, GR-SX160, GR-SX202, GR-SX210,
        GR-SX210A, GR-SX850,
GR-SX850U, GR-SX851, GR-SX851U,
        GR-SX860U, GR-SX867, GR-SX870, GR-SX877, GR-SX907, 
        GR-SX950, GR-SX950U, GR-SX960

    JVC GR-SXM Series
        GR-SXM25, GR-SXM26, GR-SXM26EA, GR-SXM29, GR-SXM30,  
        GR-SXM37US, GR-SXM45, GR-SXM46,
        GR-SXM48, GR-SXM50, GR-SXM50E, GR-SXM57,
        GR-SXM61, GR-SXM62, GR-SXM71, GR-SXM72, GR-SXM75, 
        GR-SXM81, GR-SXM82, GR-SXM91, GR-SXM92, GR-SXM161, 
        GR-SXM200, GR-SXM235U, GR-SXM240U, GR-SXM245U, GR-SXM247,
        GR-SXM250US, GR-SXM255, GR-SXM256, GR-SXM260, GR-SXM260A, 
        GR-SXM260U, GR-SXM260US, GR-SXM265, GR-SXM277, GR-SXM278,
        GR-SXM279, GR-SXM300, GR-SXM320, GR-SXM320U, GR-SXM321,  
        GR-SXM330, GR-SXM330U, GR-SXM335U, GR-SXM337, GR-SXM340U,
        GR-SXM347,  GR-SXM460, GR-SXM460A, GR-SXM515U, GR-SXM520U, 
        GR-SXM525U, GR-SXM527U, GR-SXM530, GR-SXM535U, GR-SXM540U,   
        GR-SXM600, GR-SXM607,
GR-SXM720, GR-SXM720U, GR-SXM730U, 
        GR-SXM735U, GR-SXM750US, GR-SXM737,  GR-SXM740U, GR-SXM745, 
        GR-SXM747, GR-SXM750U, GR-SXM755US, GR-SXM760, GR-SXM915,
        GR-SXM915U, GR-SXM920, GR-SXM920U,
GR-SXM930, GR-SXM930U,  
        GR-SXM937, GR-SXM947, GR-SXM960U
    JVC GR-SZ Series
        GR-SZ1, GR-SZ3, GR-SZ7, GR-SZ9, GR-SZ9U

Camcorder Battery for CANON BP-2L12 Battery BP-2L12 1500mAh 7.40V Warranty:

* 100% Q.C. of Camcorder Battery for CANON BP-2L12 Battery BP-2L12 1500mAh 7.40V.
* Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
* Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
* Full 1 Year Warranty.
* 30 Days Money Back.
* Shipping Worldwide.

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