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This SONY PCGA-BP2NX Battery can replace the following part numbers:

This SONY PCGA-BP2NX replacement battery is compatible with the following models:
    Sony Vaio PCG-23P,  Sony Vaio PCG-FR130,

    Sony Vaio PCG-FR33 Series
        PCG-FR33, PCG-FR33B,
    Sony Vaio PCG-FR55 Series
        PCG-FR55, PCG-FR55B, PCG-FR55/B,
        PCG-FR55E, PCG-FR55E/B, PCG-FR55G,
        PCG-FR55G/B, PCG-FR55J, PCG-FR55J/B,
    Sony Vaio PCG-FR70 Series
        PCG-FR77E/B, PCG-FR77G/B, PCG-FR77J/B
    Sony Vaio PCG-FR200 Series
        PCG-FR215E, PCG-FR215H, PCG-FR215M,
        PCG-FR215S, PCG-FR285E, PCG-FR285M,
    Sony Vaio PCG-FR300 Series
        PCG-FR315B, PCG-FR315M, PCG-FR315S,
    Sony Vaio PCG-FR400 Series
        PCG-FR415B, PCG-FR415M, PCG-FR415S,
    Sony Vaio PCG-FR700 Series
        PCG-FR700, PCG-FR720
    Sony Vaio PCG-FR800 Series
        PCG-FR820, PCG-FR825P
    Sony Vaio PCG-FRV Series
        PCG-FRV25, PCG-FRV26, PCG-FRV27,
        PCG-FRV28, VAIO PCG-FRV31, PCG-FRV37,

    Sony Vaio PCG-GR Series

    Sony Vaio PCG-GRS Series
        PCG-GRS50/B, PCG-GRS55/B, PCG-GRS100,
        PCG-GRS150, PCG-GRS150K, PCG-GRS150P,
        PCG-GRS170, PCG-GRS170P, PCG-GRS175,
        PCG-GRS500, PCG-GRS500/P, PCG-GRS515M,
        PCG-GRS515SP, PCG-GRS515SP/R, PCG-GRS614MK,
        PCG-GRS614MP, PCG-GRS615SK, PCG-GRS615SP,
        PCG-GRS70/P, PCG-GRS72V/P, PCG-GRS900,
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRS700 Series
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT Series
        PCG-GRT40ZP, PCG-GRT51E, PCG-GRT51E/P,
        PCG-GRT51F, PCG-GRT51F/P, PCG-GRT52E,
        PCG-GRT52E/P, PCG-GRT52F, PCG-GRT52F/P,
        PCG-GRT55/B, PCG-GRT55E/B, PCG-GRT55F/B,
        PCG-GRT71E, PCG-GRT71E/P, PCG-GRT72E,
        PCG-GRT72E/P, PCG-GRT77/B, PCG-GRT77E/P,
        PCG-GRT77V/P, PCG-GRT99/P, PCG-GRT99S/P,
        PCG-GRT99V/P, PCG-GRT100, PCG-GRT1002A,
        PCG-GRT160, PCG-GRT170, PCG-GRT240G,
        PCG-GRT260G, PCG-GRT715E, PCG-GRT715M,
        PCG-GRT716S, PCG-GRT750, PCG-GRT750/P,
        PCG-GRT770, PCG-GRT770/P, PCG-GRT785B,
        PCG-GRT785E, PCG-GRT786M, PCG-GRT795MP,
        PCG-GRT796HP, PCG-GRT796SP, PCG-GRT815E,
        PCG-GRT815M, PCG-GRT816M, PCG-GRT816S,
        PCG-GRT895MP, PCG-GRT896HP, PCG-GRT896SP,
        PCG-GRT915M, PCG-GRT916V, PCG-GRT916Z,
        PCG-GRT995MP, PCG-GRT996VP, PCG-GRT996ZP

    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT230 Series
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT250 Series
        PCG-GRT25, PCG-GRT250PL
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT270 Series
        PCG-GRT270G, PCG-GRT270P21, PCG-GRT2702P21
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT280 Series
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT290Z Series
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT300 Series
        PCG-GRT30P, PCG-GRT360ZG, PCG-GRT380ZG
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT390Z Series
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRV Series
        PCG-GRV7P, PCG-GRV88G, PCG-GRV99G/P,
        PCG-GRV110, PCG-GRV110/P, PCG-GRV516G,
        PCG-GRV550, PCG-GRV616G, PCG-GRV616V,
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRV600 Series
        PCG-GRV670, PCG-GRV670P, PCG-GRV680,
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRX Series
        PCG-GRX1P, PCG-GRX102/P, PCG-GRX150,
        PCG-GRX5P, PCG-GRX51/BP, PCG-GRX52G/B, 
        PCG-GRX71, PCG-GRX72/P, PCG-GRX81G,
        PCG-GRX81G/P, PCG-GRX81P, PCG-GRX90,
        PCG-GRX90P, PCG-GRX90/P, PCG-GRX92G/P, 
        PCG-GRX315MK, PCG-GRX315MP, PCG-GRX316MP,
        PCG-GRX316G, PCG-GRX316MK, PCG-GRX316SK, 
        PCG-GRX316SP, PCG-GRX415MP, PCG-GRX415MK, 
        PCG-GRX416G, PCG-GRX416SK, PCG-GRX416SP
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRX500 Series
        PCG-GRX500, PCG-GRX501, PCG-GRX510,
        PCG-GRX510K, PCG-GRX510P, PCG-GRX510G,
        PCG-GRX516MD, PCG-GRX516SP, PCG-GRX520,
        PCG-GRX520P, PCG-GRX530, PCG-GRX530K,
        PCG-GRX530P, PCG-GRX550, PCG-GRX550K,
        PCG-GRX550P, PCG-GRX560, PCG-GRX560K,
        PCG-GRX560P, PCG-GRX570, PCG-GRX570K,
        PCG-GRX570P, PCG-GRX580, PCG-GRX580K,
        PCG-GRX580P, PCG-GRX590, PCG-GRX590K,
        PCG-GRX590P, PCG-GRX590R, PCG-GRX590RP
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRX600 Series
        PCG-GRX600, PCG-GRX606, PCG-GRX615G,
        PCG-GRX615S, PCG-GRX616MK, PCG-GRX616MP,
        PCG-GRX616SP, PCG-GRX626, PCG-GRX626P,
        PCG-GRX650, PCG-GRX670, PCG-GRX670K,
        PCG-GRX670P, PCG-GRX690, PCG-GRX690K,
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRX700 Series
        PCG-GRX707, PCG-GRX727

    Sony Vaio PCG-GRXXX Series
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRZ Series
        PCG-GRZ10, PCG-GRZ20, PCG-GRZ515G,
        PCG-GRZ530, PCG-GRZ77/B
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRZ600 Series
        PCG-GRZ600P1, PCG-GRZ600P3, PCG-GRZ600P6,
        PCG-GRZ610, PCG-GRZ615G, PCG-GRZ615M,
        PCG-GRZ615S, PCG-GRZ630, PCG-GRZ660
    Sony Vaio PCG-K Series
        PCG-K12P, PCG-K13, PCG-K15,
        PCG-K17, PCG-K23, PCG-K23F,
        PCG-K27, PCG-K33, PCG-K35,
        PCG-K37, PCG-K45, PCG-K47,
        PCG-K64, PCG-K66P, PCG-K74,
        PCG-K76P, PCG-K86P, PCG-K115B,
        PCG-K115M, PCG-K115S, PCG-K115Z,
        PCG-K195BP, PCG-K195HP, PCG-K215B,
        PCG-K215M, PCG-K215S, PCG-K215Z

Sony Vaio VGN-Kxx Series
    Sony Vaio PCG-NV Series
        PCG-NV55, PCG-NV55BP, PCG-NV55/BP,
        PCG-NV55E/B, PCG-NV77BP, PCG-NV77M,
        PCG-NV77M/BP, PCG-NV90, PCG-NV90E,
        PCG-NV95EN, PCG-NV99E/B, PCG-NV99M,
        PCG-NV99M/BP, PCG-NV105, PCG-NV109M,
        PCG-NV170, PCG-NV170P, PCG-NV190,
        PCG-NV190P, PCG-NV200, PCG-NV205,
        PCG-NV209, PCG-NV309, PCG-NVPPBP
    Sony Vaio PCG-NV100 Series
    Sony Vaio PCG-NVR Series

    Sony Vaio VGN-K Series
        VGN-K30, VGN-K30B, VGN-K31,
        VGN-K31B, VGN-K50B, VGN-K70B,

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Color: dark grey
Dimensions: 147.40x86.40x18.95mm
Weight: 390.00g

  • Model: SONY PCGA-BP2NX Battery

Laptop Battery for SONY PCGA-BP2NY rechargeable battery Warranty:

* 100% Q.C. of Laptop Battery for SONY PCGA-BP2NY rechargeable battery.
* Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
* Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
* Full 1 Year Warranty.
* 30 Days Money Back.
* Shipping Worldwide.

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